If you are looking for an active club
that is devoted to promoting the
wonderful natural beauty all around
us, to better your health, to socialize
and have fun as a group and help
your community, then
Rockingham County Naturalist Club
is the place for you! Join us today!

Contact us at:
PO BOX 101, Eden NC 27289-0101


Events are also posted on our website, www.RockinghamNaturalist.org, and our
Facebook page.  We meet at the parking lot in front of the Advanced Technologies and
Gymnasium Building at Rockingham Community College (RCC) in Wentworth, North
Carolina for each of these events, unless otherwise noted.

Sept 19
Leave RCC at 2:00 pm. We are going to Mayo River State Park.
This is a waterfall hike. We start under the bridge. This new access
bridge lets us walk along the riverside and cross rocks to the other
side to see the waterfall. Next we head to the big rock and take a
pause to see the scenic area. It has several small waterfalls, and
itís a beautiful area. Bring your water shoes for a cool dip on a fall
day. Deb Irving is our leader! (Easy 1.5 miles) Flat and sandy in
places. Questions on how to get to this location if not meeting at
the RCC parking lot: Deb Irving 336-613-5346.
October 24 Sunday Leave RCC at 2:00 pm. We are going to Hanging Rock State
Park. It has beautiful waterfalls. We will head to the Lower
Cascades Falls for a .4-mile hike out and back. Then we head
to Toryís Den to see the cave and waterfall. This is a .4-mile
hike also. It has a few stairs on the return to our cars, but itís a
beautiful area. Deb Irving is our leader. Both hikes are about
1 mile. Questions on how to get to location if not meeting at
RCC parking lot: Deb Irving 336-613-5346.
November 21
Leave RCC at 2 pm. A new section! We head to Eden to Berry Hill
Rd. This location is not marked by address, so please meet us at
RCC for correct directions. Pete Adkins will be our leader. He will
take us to an Indian site. This is some very interesting history Pete
will tell us about. He still finds pottery when he goes to this location.
Itís an easy hike in and out. We walk on a dirt road to the site and
back for a 2-mile trek.
December 4
Annual Winter Covered Dish Dinner. Arrive at 5:00 pm with salad,
main course or dessert. We will eat at 5:30 pm. At 6:30 pm we will
hear a talk entitled ďClimate Change in the Piedmont of North
CarolinaĒ through the Piedmont Land Conservancy. We will learn
projected trends about the impacts of climate change: What can we
do to stop the most dire consequences, and how can we adapt to
the changes already underway? Speaker: Kenneth A. Bridle, Ph.D.,
Stewardship Director and inventory Biologist.
Office # is 336-691-0088, Ex 109. Hope you can join us for food
and learning.

Address: Calvary Baptist Church in Wentworth, at the corner of
Sandy Cross Road and Hwy 87
January 16, '22
Leave RCC at 2:00pm. We are heading to walk the paved greenway
area in Reidsville. This should be a nice winter hike to get some
exercise. It is a new location for the club. Park your car in the
Reidsville High School Stadium parking area. You will see the
paved area right beside the Reidsville Track. It will be a 1.2 mile
hike and back trip. (We can adjust mileage also) Deb Irving is
our leader. For questions call at 336-613-5346
February 20
Leave RCC at 2:00 pm. We are going to Farris Park in Mayodan,
N.C. Itís a beautiful park with a pond, picnic tables, fishing, putt-putt,
biking trails and hiking. We will hike around the pond for a beautiful
walk and may see ducks. This is an easy walk around a dirt road.
Deb Irving is our leader. (1-mile hike)
March 20
Leave RCC at 2:00 pm. We are going to Stoneville to Saint Francis
Prayer Center. This area is very peaceful with nice trails, big
boulders, and a waterfall, and itís under a canopy of hardwoods.
They have maintained this area and it's a beautiful walk beside a
small creek. We will observe birds and other plants as we follow the
path. Come join us for a 1.5 mile hike around the creek.
Deb Irving is our leader. (Easy)
April 24
Leave RCC at 2:00 pm. We are going to Reidsville City Lake.
We will hike the peninsula trail, which is right beside the lake. We
will be in hardwoods and see a pond site. We will walk around the
pond area. This is a new trail for Reidsville City Lake. It is a nice
easy trail loop. Hope you can join us for a wonderful hike.
(2 miles--easy) Deb Irving is our leader.
Address: Lake Reidsville, 630 Waterworks Rd.
Questions: call Deb at 336-613-5346
May 15

Leave RCC at 2:00. We are going to a new location that is
beautiful. Our host will be Anne Brady. They own a horse farm
that has lots of trails. Anne will lead us into the hardwood area,
which has a creek, and we will  pass ponds, wildflowers, boulders,
and a small waterfall. This is a local hike but very rewarding and
enjoyable. I love her area and hope you can enjoy this hike with us.
It is a moderate hike with some hills (2 miles--moderate).
Anne Brady: 3190 NC 65, Reidsville, NC.

June 5
Leave RCC at 1:30 pm. Meet at site at 2:00 pm. We will go to Farris
Park in Mayodan, NC. It is a wonderful place to hang out. We will
enjoy views of a pond. The shelter is back in the woods for privacy.
This is the clubís Annual Covered Dish Picnic. Bring a dish to share
with others. We eat on arrival. We can hike around the pond or on a
trail depending on the crowdís choice or relax in your chair.
Deb Irving will lead the hike. Please join us for a relaxing afternoon
at Farris Park.
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